The Institute of Economic Studies (IES)

As its name signifies, was Established in 1980 by a group of Economists, parliamentarians and industrialists Who came together to study and discuss problems concerning various aspects of the economy and economic development of our country and offer their expert advice and services.



The institute seeks to broadhase its activities by :

    • Conducting studies into various problems relating to Indian economy on its own, with the help of academicians, economists, planners, parliamentarians and other eminent personalities.
    • Arranging conferences, seminars, workshop, training courses, informal discussion in various parts of the county.
    • Identifying problems of various industries at macro level through appropriate case studies and suggesting suitable remedies,wherever feasible.
    • Analyzing in-depth the implications of various events as they unfold themselves and assessing their impact on various industries particularly the small-scale enterprises.
    • Keeping the members well aware of above implications and impact through providing them with various notes studies,circulars,reports etc.
    • Representing the view point of industry to authorities through discussions and submission of memoranda.
    • Keeping close rapport with chambers of commerce, Trade and other eminent persons to update information and pass it on to the members the earliest opportunity.
    • Arranging to make available expert advice of managerial as well as marketing problems faced by members and,
    • Providing in general liaison service required by members in their dealing with Central Government Departments ,Public Sector Undertaking ,Banks etc.